DIY SEO website optimisation tutorial for beginners

Read my DIY SEO website optimisation tutorial for beginners in search engine optimisation and learn how to carry out your own website SEO. Save on the cost of hiring an SEO consultant by learning how to carry out DIY SEO techniques..

This SEO tutorial will show you how to get found online more easily by the search engines. My SEO tutorial will help to increase your position in Google and other search engines. My DIY SEO tutorial covers the basics that you need to optimise your website and increase you chances of getting found online and increasing website traffic.

Whilst web designers are very good at building websites for customers they are not always knowledgeable about the basics of search engine optimisation. This can leave you with a great looking site but little traffic simply because it's not getting found online.

DIY SEO is a cost effective alternative to paid for website search engine optimisation services that are available. SEO is not some dark art reserved for an elite that charge a fortune for their services. Anyone can optimise a website to increase it's visibility with in the search engines. The most important element of optimisation is getting the SEO basics right in the first place.

The basic elements of on-page SEO

The basic elements of on-page SEO are very important when optimising a website. The basic elements are the title tag, the meta description tag and header text at the top of your web page. 

The meta description tag is an interesting element because its contents appear in the rich snippets, these are the words that appear under the title in the search engine results pages (SERPS) and can influence whether some one visits your page...or not. Pick these words carefully to market your digital content. Click on the link above for more details

Website content

Obviously you will want to create good original content for your website to reflect the title and meaning of the site. If writing good content is not really your thing then you could try to enroll a friend or relative who is good at writing.

Failing this, you could employ the services of a copywriter to write the website content for you. As a rough guide, I would suggest that you would want to aim for 2-3 hundred words but different people will have different ideas about just how many words that you should use from an SEO perspective. Search engines like nice, informative content.

Keyword research

Keyword research is the most important part of SEO and if your digital marketing is to pay off then your need to chose these words wisely. I would suggest using the most important keywords, the words that you want your website to be ranked for, at the beginning of your title, meta description and content.

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DIY SEO website optimisation tutorial for beginners