Welcome to the DIY SEO tutorial for beginners by Avon SEO

This DIY SEO tutorial for beginners is designed to show you the basics of search engine optimisation. The DIY SEO tutorial for beginners will show you how to apply these SEO techniques to your website and help you on your way to the top of the Google.

Doing your own SEO is a cost effective alternative to paid for website search engine optimisation services that are available. This SEO tutorial for beginners from Avon SEO will show you how to optimise a website and increase it's position with in the search engine results pages.

SEO is not some dark art reserved for an elite that charge a fortune for their services. Anyone can optimise a website to increase it's visibility with in the search engines.

The most important element of optimisation is getting the SEO basics right in the first place. Read my SEO tutorial for beginners and learn a little.

SEO tutorial for beginners

It has be shown that 90% of people searching for products on the internet rarely go further that page 1 of Google and far fewer go beyond page three. Where is your website compared with your competitors ?

What is covered by the SEO tutorial for beginners

My SEO tutorial for beginners covers the important elements of a website that need to be optimised for the search engines and include the following:

  • Website title
  • Meta description tag
  • The use of headings
  • Content of a website
  • Keyword density


These are the basic elements that form the structure of a website and are covered in more depth in my DIY SEO basics page.

Monitoring website visitors

If you have spent a lot of time on carrying out your DIY SEO then you'll want to know whether your website has had any increase in visitor numbers. I have written an article entitled How To Monitor Website Traffic And Visitors that may be of interest

If you have any questions about my DIY SEO tutorial for beginners, search engine optimisation or Avon SEO then please get in touch

About me

I'm Andy Watts and I'm the author of the DIY SEO tutorial for beginners in search engine optimisation.

I became interested in SEO back in 2010 when I designed and uploaded my first small business website to the internet.

After a few weeks I decided to do a search for my own website and see where it was placed in the search engine results pages.

After discovering that my website was on page 4 of the results I decided to find out how to get my website found more easily.

This, I found, was known as SEO and I knew that I needed to learn some more about it.